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The ONLY salary calculator that's customisable, mobile friendly and SECURE.

Ready for use on your own website. £50+VAT per month.

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The salary calculator tool trusted by over 1 million end users each year now available for use direct on your own website.


Updated EVERY tax year
Guaranteed to require maintenance every year, leave this worry to SalaryBot. Updated every tax year since 2012.

Customisable styles
Neutral colours by default to suit most brands, but able to be branded by including your custom stylesheets if desired.

Advert free and unbranded
A pure white label product. No SalaryBot branding or adverts.

Mobile friendly
Developed mobile first, this tool is performant and works great on all screen sizes.

Works over HTTPS (secure)
The first major salary calculator to work over HTTPS. SalaryBot takes security seriously.

Quick and painless install
Signup for a free trial with your credit card, configure your details and you'll be presented with your embed code. Up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Works on ANY website
Technology doesn't matter. Include your generated HTML embed code and it will just work!

Configure your brand 🛠

Configure styling to match your brand and include enhanced options on the calculator like "days per week", "hours per day", "pension" and more.

Happy customers 🤗

"SalaryBot is an amazing tool, and has changed the way we advise our clients."

"Instead of back-and-forth emailing numerous calculations of how much tax and NI will be paid on a given salary, SalaryBot’s accurate and user-friendly calculator sits right on your website, allowing clients, and general visitors to instantly and accurately see the analyses."

"A real game-changer for our firm."

J Khan, Managing Partner, Klarmans & Co.

SalaryBot is trusted by small business and individuals right up to companies on a global scale, spanning recruitment, finance and software industries.


Q. How do I sign up?

A. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Q. How long does the subscription last?

A. It's a rolling subscription which you can cancel any month. No lengthy lock-in.

Still not sure? Let's chat. Email [email protected].